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Tuesday July 19, 2004 @ 23:38 - by Vavrek

Three months ago, we sent out the call for voice actors. And I must say, the results have been most satisfactory. I would've been flooded with voice clips had my email account not been upgraded to handle such a load. Many responded to the call, and I am pleased to say that that my own expectations were far exceeded by what I have heard. 

And now for the good stuff. We will be contacting the voice actors we have selected in the next few days. To all those that sent in voice clips, we here at Ghost In The Machine thank you for your support, and I personally hope that those we contact will accept our offer and join us on the team.



Tuesday April 20, 2004 @ 22:41 - by Vavrek

As was said, GitM still needs the community, and here's the first request of our audience: 

GitM is again sending out the call for voice actors. We require actors that "sound like Hugo Weaving and/or Ben Kingsley."

If you sound like either of these actors, please send some voice samples to my inbox. Preferably two 30 second clips, MP3 format.

We are looking for someone for the narrator of the GitM trailer, which could subsequently lead to a role in the film.

Please refer to this thread on our forums for information.


Wednesday April 14, 2004 @ 22:28 - by Vavrek

Well, it's been quite a while since we here at GitM made any official press releases. Here's probably the largest and most important in our history: 

GitM is no longer a mod for Deus Ex. We made the choice some time ago to convert from a Total Conversion of Deus Ex to a machinima. What is a 'machinima,' you ask? It is a movie in virtual reality rather than using live actors or standard animative techniques (read: cartoons), more information can be found at We will still need the help of the community for this project. We will need voices actor, camera operators, etc.

Some members of the community already knew of this. Randomatic made the first public announcement here on our forums. For those disgusted utterly by the idea of a machinima, be not discouraged. We do still plan on making GitM: The Game, though it we believe it to be at least a year in the future. Possibilities include Morrowind, as it includes many of the features we were trying to implement and is a strong engine; Unreal 2, as most of our team members are experienced only with the Unreal engine; and possibly Deus Ex 2, if modding tools are released and the engine proves compatible with our needs. Sadly, Deus Ex cannot be used for GitM: The Game. What we were trying to accomplish was just too much for the engine. For further details, read randomatic's post on PDX (linked above).

However, I have some unfortunate news. The reason I am making this post is because randomatic is currently offline until his computer is repaired (and every part seems to have its own problem). Since randomatic is our Project Director and the driving force behind GitM, we are currently on hold until he returns to the digital plane. He continues to work on the script, one of the few things that can be done offline, and has email access via his cell phone.

Ghost In The Machine may have changed direction, may have been put on hold, but it will be completed.


Monday October 13, 2003 @ 23:57 - by randomatic

Wow, it's been three months since I last updated. 

I can't really give a definite update on anything specific except to say that something big, that will change the face of DX modding is coming.   Stay tuned in the next week on this page and on the forms for further updates.

We are looking for experienced voice actors though.  All applicants are required to submit two 30 second samples from any piece of film or theatre, plus list any acting experience in an email to


Saturday July 12, 2003 @ 22:00 - by randomatic

Well, we got our forums on planetdeusex now, so I invite all of you to post over there.  Also, just for fun, here's a new screenshot for you all to enjoy!!

Thursday July 10, 2003 @ 22:00 - by randomatic

Well, this marks the beginning of the new Ghost in the Machine website.  I hope that everyone enjoys the new layout.  It's a little more informative than the last one, and we plan on doing as many news updates as we can to keep you guys informed of what is going on, and just so you know we're not dead.

Well, feel free to look around, and make any comments you want.  We're all good people.