Note from HelioWalton: Icarus recommends using MusicMatch Jukebox because it works well, but if you already have a program for converting music files to Wav, then just use it.


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Make custom music for your Unreal Tournament maps.

                   From .MP3 to a .UMX file


Tutorial made by Maarten van Oortmerssen. {NL}


Info & Right’s:

Programs Needed: #1: MusicMatch                      -           download from

                                 #2: Windows Sound recorder- included in windows

                                 #3: Modplug Player                 -           included in this Zipfile

                                 #4: Modplug Tracker              -           included in this Zipfile

                                 #5: UnrealED 2.0                     -           located in your unreal/system dir


How 2 start?!


Find yourself a nice mp3 song. This must be maximum 3,5 to 4Mb. Why not a larger mp3? That’s because your downloads in Unreal Tournament will be 2 huge and people won’t join your server. (if you are making Unreal Tournament maps for online use)


Okay, let’s do it! First open musicmatch jukebox wich you have downloaded and installed.

Push away all popups (if you have any) and you’ll see this screen:



Click File and click Convert Files – You’ll see the next screen:



Source Directory: Locate your mp3 song!

Destination Directory: where do you want to leave your converted to .Wav file?

Source Data Type: Sort of file you are using and want to convert! (Mp3 now!)

Destination Data Type: The kind of output you want, we choose Wav here!


Ok now Highlight your, to be conferted files and press the Startbutton below.


Wait a few seconds to let Musicmatch do the converting. When it’s ready you may close Musicmatch and go to the map you have chosen for Destination Data Type.


Ok, you got yourself a Wav File!!


Copy this Wav-file to your Desktop, and close all other annoying proggies or popups.

 That would be much easier, you’ll see!


Ok NEXT step! – Give the wav file the right compression that Unreal Tournament uses.


Click Start à Programs à Accessories à Entertainment à Windows Sound Recorder.


You will see the Windows Soundrecorder Screen. Click File à Open..

In this screen you have to open your Wav-file you made with musicmatch!!

Now you have opened the file and you’ll click File à Properties, the next screen will open:



Convert your file by clicking the “Convert Now…” button!


Take over the settings below and click OK













Now you’ll see this screen:



Select File à Save


Next step is to Convert the Wav file to a .it file: ( We use the Modplug player for this ).

Extract the Modplug ZIP to a directory you choose. For example: C:\program files\Modplug

The Map you made for Modplug now contains a,


# Modplug- player

# Modplug- Tracker


We are Going to use the Modplug- player right now!


Go to your made map for Modplug and open the Modplug player.exe file. You’ll see a modplug- player like this:


Click on Open..














This is what you’ll see then:



Look in: Search in the dir where you left your Wav-file. What did i say? It’s on your desktop!


Make sure you have selected Wave Files (*.wav) !!!

After you selected your Wav-file just click on the “Open”button!


Now you’ve opened your selected Wav file for your Unreal Tournament map!

Also the Modplug- player is playing your selected song..


Click on Details button like marked below:



Next screen will pop-up and there you choose: Pack Info…

And in the next screen you click: Pack As…






Now this screen will load:



Save in: Choose “Desktop”as output directory and click Save.


Congratz: You have now created a .it file! ;)


Next step is almost last step (also hardest part): Edit the .it file in Modplug- Tracker


Go to your Modplug- directory (example: c:\program files\Modplug) and open

the modplug- tracker.exe file. The Modplug- tracker program is now opened and you’ll

see a screen like below:



Click File à Open..


A new screen will popup:



Look in: Go to your “Desktop” Where you previously saved your .it file


Now select your .it file, (for me that would be: and click on the “Open” button!

You’ll see this:



Tempo: We change the “Tempo” to a Value of: 32


After this we go to the Patterns tab were you see this:



Push on the button with the ? on it! A screen with “pattern properties” will appear like above!


Rows: We change them from “64” to “256” and push the Ok button!


After this you’ll push the “Start” button and you sit back till your song is finished playing.
Look how many Rows ( the one’s you changed ) the song is using and remember that!

( Normally song is around 100 rows.)


Now that you know the value of rows your song is using let’s go and click the ? button again.

Fill in your value and push OK.


You are back 2 this screen, were you click File à Save..



The Hardest part is done and you’re almost at the end of the whole progress!


--Close al program’s—


Last Step: Saving a .it file into a .umx file in UnrealED 2.0


Locate and open your UnrealED.exe (probably: C:\Program files\Unreal Tournament\System..)


Next thing you’ll see looks like this screen:


Click on the “Music browser” button like marked above:

A new screen will pop-up!

In this screen you will choose File à Import…


The next screen looks like below:



Look in:Desktop” ( Where you saved the .it file before with Modplug- tracker )


Select your .it file and click the “Open” button!


A small new pop-up will appear.. Click “Ok All” here!


The next screen is the same screen were you just imported the .it file.

Only now your song is added in this music browser from UnrealED!

Look at the screen below:



Now just click File à Save..


A new screen will appear and that would look like this:



When you push the “Save” button in this screen, the package will be saved as a .umx file.

This file is being saved in your Unreal Tournament/ Music map, with the other music files!

(example: c:\program files\unreal tournament\music)


Congratz. You have just made your own music for your Unreal Tournament maps!! J

How do I add this music to my map in UnrealED?


Start UnrealED again..

Load your made map..   File à Open…


Your map is appearing in all 4 screens.. just like when you are building your map!


Select View à Level Properties.. ( or push F6 ) This screen will appear:



Push on the + from Audio!

After this click at the right-side of “Song

None” appears..

Click to the right on the button with the as marked above!


Your music browser will now appear again.. If your song is not in that list just push

File à Open and choose your “Song.umx


Play the song by pressing the play button in the music browser.. you’ll now hear your song again! Go to the screen like the screen above and click “Use

You’ll see the “None” will disappear and instead of that your song is being used!


Close all pop-up’s and in main window click File à Save As… ( your map )


Pff.. finally done m8! And I’m glad I can finish this tutorial 2.. I’m broken.. L



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