You are Alex Denton.


Morgan Everett has saved your life. You owe him everything.
He wants you to do some work for his organization, the Illuminati.

You are the last of the nano-augmented humanoids to come out of the
Nevada Biotech Campus.

At the dawn of your birth into the world,
your brother, JC Denton,

merged into a single being with a super powerful Artificial Intelligence called Helios -
named from the Greek personification of the Sun its self.

For here on our world, his power has no equal.

Once the long process of their joining was complete,
it took Helios and JC just one week to bring the world to its knees.
The people of Earth soon bowed to them - to him - as the
One Emperor.

You are a child. What can you do to correct the sins of your brother?

Perhaps you can do nothing. But you have two brothers.
The other, Paul, has hidden in the unexplored Mountains of Northern Canada.
He has hidden where not even the light of Helios can touch him.

If you can find him, he could tell you who you are - what you are - and what you must do.

The world is a vast place. Go out and play.






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