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Ignore The Agent Behind The Curtain: November 30th, 2003
Hopefully you won't notice, but I've rearranged a ton of stuff. If you find any broken links email me. I need to move stuff around to prepare the Deus Ex: Invisible War. You'll know what I'm talking about when the new site goes up.


Deus Ex: Invisble War: November 23rd, 2003
The demo is out and I have a walkthrough for it. Please read it as I have configuration tips to help remove some of the nasty issues that have marred what looks like a great game. If you're wondering, YES a new site design is in the works to celebrate DX:IW. You can see some of the changes in the walkthrough, I just need to work up the graphics portion to match it. I'll still keep this site around but strictly as an archive since I won't be making any more updates to it.


Website Redux : February 14th, 2003
Finally got all my emails caught up. Sorry for the wait.


Website Cleanup : February 7th, 2003
Its been a while but I've finally gotten back to "cleaning" up this website. Hopefully eveyrone will notice things look a bit nicer and maybe load a bit quicker. I'm working on getting caught up on my emails again so if you haven't heard from me since last month don't worry I'm just busy.


Minor Tweaks: October 18 , 2002
As the night air begins to chill I find myself indoors more often. Just finished catching up on several months of tips emailed to me. I'm still amazed that NEW things about Deus Ex are still being found. Oh, and my email probs have been solved quite awhile ago thanks to a new host for my personal web site.


Great Jumping Jelly Bean: May 28th, 2002
Where to start? I've removed some graphics from the ad banner so hopefully all my formatting problems are solved and the site may load a bit quicker. Yanked out some HTML stuff that I realized recently may look funny on some computers. My email account is fixed and running fine though I'm sure you all knew that when I started answering my email again. Oh, and have a look at my navigation menu over there on the left. I've added a new Codes section covering every code, password, and login that I can think of for the game. I really should have done this along time ago but for some reason I didn't think it was needed. *oops* :-)

Finally, I'm proud to announce that Denton's Databank has turned two years old recently. I may be wrong on this but I do believe I was the first site ever hosted here. Not only was I up and running before Deus Ex came out but I was around back when PlanetDeusEx was the meager DeusEx Incarnate, a satellite orbiting the mighty 3DActionPlanet. Anyway, I'm still here and if you haven't seen the Deus Ex 2 site hop to it. They got screenshots. Realtime shadow and lighting is gonna be suh-weet!


Email Probs?: May 1st, 2002
I was checking around and realized I may not be getting my email properly. I'm changing the email address I have posted to a different account until this is resolved.


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