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This site constitutes my modest contribution to DeusEx's community. You will find there models ready for use as well as some packs of textures. Use them as check seems to you and in your whole suitability. Having said that, my contribution remains modest.

Models - Somes custom models, provided as is.

Textures - Some textures i've made for DeusEx. Nothing extraodinary i fear.

Skins - Some skins, at this time just for some DeusEx's decorations.

Links - Few links related to DeusEx Community and 3D Modelling.

04.10.2002 - Some new models

  • BarrelGas & Gas Can in Models > Containers
  • AshtraySmall & WhiskyBottle in Models > Furnitures
  • Folders & ClipBoard in Models > Furnitures

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