Cette section répertorie les liens vers les sites que je visite fréquemment.

Web Ressources for DeusEx

Planet DeusEx - The princiapl site of news for DeusEx, proposing a full outfit of resources, services and links.

Tack's DeusEx Lab - One of the best DeusEx SDK site by which I learnt how to integrate models and textures into the game. You will find numerous tutoriaux there, the indispensable tools to realize your own models for DeusEx and other links.

Hotel Carone - Site proposing the mod "Hotel Carone" for DeusEx and creator of the "CaroneElevator Set" who improves and facilitates largely the application of elevators in DeusEx.

UC Mod Loader - Site which proposes a DeusEx Mods launcher, as well as a separate Mod (UC Mod).

Prefab Lab - A great site, mostly related to Unreal Tornament that provide tons of customs models that you could use as prefabs in your maps. You will find also tutorials and files. Don't forget to sign the guest book and check for contest.

Various 3D Ressources

Milkshape 3D - The site of the creator of Milkshape 3D, small low cost 3D modelleur, that i use to make my custom models.

Ultimate Unwrap3D - Site of a powerful and approachable 3D mapping software, which I use together with Milkshape 3D.

Tech Design - The biggest scripts database for 3D Studio MAX.

MAX Plugins - The same thing but for free or commercial plug-ins, and for any MAX's version.

Crossroads - Software allowing the conversion between various 3D file formats, free of right.