I’m temporarily switching back to this site version since My PowerPoint site (=P) Sucked really bad, and it stopped working, AND I am having Exodus (Might know him, long time DXMP player, and admin of my server) re-designing my site in Adobe Illustrator or something he says it’s looking pretty good


Anyway, here is everything



Converting MP3 Files to UMX Files
Brought to you by Icarus of www.Wootabulous.com



This is a large sphere with low gravity and assault rifles.  Imagine the insanity.  Best playing with large amounts of players (16)

The Unknown Bar
Ya, I couldn't think of a good name... sooo thats it.  It's one of those 'talk, not kill' maps.


Bored of the same old Deus Ex training level?  Why not try a different training level!


Self Explanatory.

One of my favorite maps.  Its the graveyard from SP with turrets, added rooms, etc.



You are in a miniature toy world….  No wonder everything is so big!



Based on SP 747



Defend your big large castle!  Best played in Team Deathmatch.



You’ve probably seen it before, on my server.  It’s that one with the dancing Bob Pages?  Anyway, it’s got a shop, City, flying plane, Jail, Buildings, guns, gun shop, Bathrooms (Essential)





A Role playing map (Hence the RP in DXRP).  Bar, Gun shop, Pizza shop, Bank, Money, Safety Deposit Boxes, Arena, Court, Houses, Apartments, Furniture store, Electric Chair, Gassing Chamber…  I think you get the point.  It Rocks.  Get it.  Now.




Mini Mods





My first Mini-Mod! Yay!  Includes 4 new weapons.


Shoot to Kill Part 1


Take on the role of Exodus, a real DXMP player, who is my personal hitman, in a comedic DX representation of the mapping community.  From my point of view of course =P