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The DX-[NSF] is currently being converted to UT2003...
The Deus Ex [NSF] died off to usuall problems, such as lack of community support. I mean seriously Deus Ex was a great game, it could have been a really awesome multiplayer but the dev team (I don't think) had enough money to run all of these great projects.. DXMP, Theif3, and I'm sure Harvery has some more up his uber sleeve of ideas :). Because everythings bigger in Texas, yeehaa! Anyway.. so I was getting side tracked by Neocron and UT2003, somewhere in there I realized it would be much better if I would just use UT2003 instead of the dieing DXMP. So here I am, I will still have the old DXMP [NSF] Mods for download, but I will NOT be updating them. Instead I will be working on project UT-[NSF].