Cairo - Now With 20% More Carcinogens

"A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself."
- Ferris Bueller, Ferris Bueller's Day Off

If you arrived by helicopter like I did, feel free to chat with it. To the northeast a multitool sits atop the railing. In the northwest corner are some boxes. If you can jump atop them and then to the opening you'll find a sniper rifle and binoculars. But the fun doesn't end there. Keep going down the steps and disable the security beams. Enter the room.

Primary Goal: [Order] Report to Billie.

In the room you'll find bread and a combat knife. An emp converter mod is on a bench and two ammo clips and a spiderbomb lie in a basket on the floor. Return to the helipad. Go west then up the ladder. the locked locker contains a medkit and stun prod. Sitting atop the locker is an energy cell. Read the datacube on the railing. Climb down both ladders to the bottom.

Primary Goal: [WTO] Nassif Greenhouse: Destroy

Walk straight ahead. Talk to everyone. Snag a medkit from behind the coffee counter. Talk to the Manager.

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars: Bribe NG's Manager

If you're going to steal things DON'T get caught.

Hopefully you'll also find the Sheriff to talk to. He has a map. If not, you'll meet him on route to the greenhouse. Walk northeast. When you find the doors to the arcology go ahead and open them up. Enter and chat with the guard. Don't bother bribing the guard but you might consider taking a few things. The locker has two concussion grenades and her desk has an ammo clip. Leave and hang a right. When you reach the two desperate locals go ahead and pay them off. A nearby passage allows you pass behind them though it doesn't seem useful. Chat some more and then enter Nassif's Greenhouse.


All We Are Saying, Is Give Peas a Chance

Primary Goal: Nassif Greenhouse: Destroy

Duck under the camera. When it pans left, run out and duck behind the crates on your right. Hack the terminal to disable security. Enter the Warehouse to the east. Disable the Aero Security Bot (if you have the Mag Rail and Vision aug you can shoot it through the wall using the alt-fire). Inside the warehouse you'll find two concussion grenades by an explosive crate and a spiderbomb atop a stack of crates. Climb the ladder and check the message on the Holocomm Unit.

Primary Goal: [WTO] Dr. Nassif: Investigate Uncle

Check the shelves for a multitool, phosphorous flare, and an energy cell. Hack the Security Computer to disable a few things. Out the west opening, to your right, you should see a grate. If you can hop in there it will put you under a flight of stairs. Behind the crate is an smg with two ammo clips. Return back up the ladder and climb the stairs. Open the door and enter the room directly across the hall. Check the chest, table, and shelves for stuff. A datacube lays near a cot (containing the Hydroponics Computer Login) and a medkit is behind the shelves.

The lit windows on the left are where you want to go. The broken beams and vent on the right are how you get there.

Exit and turn right. Follow the hall and out the door. You should now be overlooking the courtyard. If you feel comfortable jumping, hop over the railing, jump to the beams on your right. Turn left and walk up to the beam. Mantle the beam and then the next. Get atop the wall. Enter the vent due south. In the wrecked room you'll find an ammo clip, ammo scavenger mod, and a Hellfire Boltcaster. Near the basket is a multitool. Get back to the balcony and run north down the hall. Dodge the camera and disable it. Sneak out to the Security Computer and disable everything. Even the Greenhouse Program. If you allied the turret it will chew up the two bots below you. Return back to the warehouse but don't leave just yet. On the east end is a door to the Hydroponics Air Filtration. Use one of the nearby explosive crates to open the door. Grab the multitool near the pump then blow it up using another explosive crate. (This was your alternate approach for destroying the greenhouse.) Open the grate where the pump was and climb down. The first opening on your right is a forgotten room. In the chest is a biomod canister and concussion prox mine. The next opening takes you back to the greenhouse. Near the vent is a multitool. Another multitool is directly beneath the platform with the Security Computer. Drop down and walk west. The assorted cabinets contain a medkit, and two energy cells. One grenade will open all of them. To your right is a door leading to two spider bots. The only thing down there is a multitool hidden about half way down the hall behind the Piezochem machine. Whatever you do your job is done. Leave the greenhouse.

Did you get it?

As you leave the Order will express its displeasure with you. Make sure you have a weapon ready. After the Order is realigned, follow your path back past the Arcology. As you walk past the coffee stand make a right down the alley. Inside the locker you'll find a phosphorous flare, nosiemaker grenade, and 100 credits. Continue walking north to enter North Medina.

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