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This is Absynthe, Signing Off April 16th, 2005:
Its been a lot of fun managing this walkthrough site for several years but its time I moved on. Haven't had much to update and I've discovered several new unhealthy obsessions to occupy my time so farwell Deus Ex. It's been fun.


Checklist February 5th, 2003:
Thanks to the KiwiCptn I now have a printable item checklist. So, if you're trying to find all the unique weapons, biomods, and weapon mods this sheet will tally off everything you can expect to find in any mission (except the G2 Mag Rail ;-). Full details concerning the location of all these items can be found browsing the Equipment seciton.


Cheats? January 29th, 2003:
Thanks to the hardcore DX:IW players over on the IonStorm forums, a way to enable cheats in Invisible War has been discovered. You'll notice the new Cheats menu item. Check it out.


Weapon Mods January 27th, 2003:
The Equipment section has been completed with the addition of weapon mod descriptions/tips and even a location list. Having problems find those ammo scavenger mods? This is the place to look.


Lists, Strats, And Such January 19th, 2003:
Check out the new Equipment section. Lists of all biomod canisters and their locations, descriptions, and tips have been added. Weapon descriptions, tips, as well as unique weapon descriptions and itps. All that's left is a weapon mod location list which I'll post after tweaking a few bits into the walkthrough.


Done January 8th, 2003:
With Liberty Island posted the walkthrough is finished. I still plan on compiling a few more things like an augmentation canister location list, weapon mod location list, unique weapon list (they are mentioned in the walkthrough but this would summerize them), and a tips list. Feel free to email me. Now that I'm done, I can come out of hiding. :-)


Almost There January 4th, 2004:
Well, a few milestones have been passed. I finally finished playing the game. Contrary to what you might think, I don't play the game all the way through before writing this. In fact, I usually end up playing each section of a game twice, sometimes more. I hadn't seen the ending of the original Deus Ex until almost three months after I bought it. Now with the second cairo visit walkthrough posted, I'm almost finished.


Cold, So Cold December 30th, 2003:
After a bizarre amount of warm weather the temperature is dropping back down to the 20s. Just in time, I have the walkthrough up for Antarctica.


Over Trier, Over Trier December 27th, 2003:
Hope everyone had fun during the holiday. I've been working a bit and I can now post all of Trier, Germany. Enjoy.


Cairo Posted December 18th, 2003:
All of Cairo is posted. Yes all of it. South Medina, Nassif's Greenhouse, North Medina, Medina Apartments, the Arcology, Tarsus Academy, Arcology Air, Apostle Corp, and various tidbits in between. Suck it in!


Neither Sleet Nor Flu December 14th, 2003:
Some nasty weather has been coming my way. Not nearly as bad as the flu/cold or whatever I caught a few days ago. Its pretty much over so I've managed to put together Maco Baillistics for your enjoyment. I've also played all of Cairo so I just need to write the puppy up.


Lower Seattle Posted December 11th, 2003:
It's up. Lower Seattle covers all except Mako Ballistics. Hope to have that part up soon.


My First Update December 10th, 2003:
Gads, so much going on both at home and at work. But, I finally got my walkthrough started. Tarsus Academy and Upper Seattle have been posted. Lower Seattle is written, I just need to HTML it. Should be up tomorrow.


My Precious December 1st, 2003:
The new site is online. For those craving the original site its still intact, simply click on the Deus Ex 1 link over in the menu on the left. I have no more additions planned for the old site. I've covered the original DeusEx as much as humanly possibly.


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