Tarsus Academy

"You are a true beliver. Blessings of the state. Blessings of the masses. Thou art a subject of the divine. Created in the image of man, by man, for man". - THX 1138

Did you read your manual? You know that printed stuff that came with your game. If you didn't take the time to read the background stuff near the end. Its only a few pages and helps to explain some of the people you'll meet including yourself.

Open the chest and read the datacube to get a map. Grab the binoculars from the shelf above next to the generic trophy. Check the Holocomm Unit for a message.

Primary Goal: Meet Billie

Go ahead and explore your apartment. Check the datacube by the coffee maker. If you find food start collecting it. Its not as effective as a medkit but for little bruises bread can heal you quite nicely. If you find an area that is dark look for a light switch or press F1 to turn on your light biomod.

In the future, bread is healthy again. But for how long?!

Leave your apartment and witness the senseless carnage that is... vent grate death. To your left is a break area. Read the book for a little background info. Across from the break area is room 452. Try the intercom. Head down the hall north and move the body aside to pick up some ammo. Turn left and chat with the Janitor (press your Use key). Just like Deus Ex, use the Janitor for more information until he starts repeating himself. Use the intercom on room 454 to enter. Talk to Billie.

Primary Goal: Report to Dr. Nassif

Keep talking to Billie until she repeats herself. Grab some food. Leave heading east down the hall. Try the intercom at room 453. Check out the news on the Public Terminal (use it multiple times to get everything. Look away to cut off the announcer.). Talk with the guard at the end of the hall and use the elevator to enter the training area.


Tarsus Recreation

Leave the elevator and approach the window on your left to talk to Dr. Nassif.

Primary Goal: Meet Klara
Primary Goal: Meet Leo

Continue down the hall to the left to find Klara. Chat (Press the use key to hear all of her dialog, do this with EVERYONE you meet.). Exit east to the track and chat with Leo. Tell Leo you're sure you saw a dead body.

Primary Goal: Get Equipment

Run West and down the stairs. Cross the basketball court and turn left to enter the locker room. All the way to the back you'll find four lockers. Open Leo and Alex's lockers for goods. If you like, use your multitool to open Klara's locker for an energy cell and ammo clip or Billie's locker for 100 credits and a spider bomb.

Primary Goal: Exit Facility

Walk back to the basketball court and talk with the guard. Get some pointers. To conserve ammo tell the guard to distract the Seeker. When he starts firing on her, make use of the riot baton finish him off. Collect any ammo you find around the limp bodies. Return back up the stairs. If you need health use the water fountain in the room where you met Klara. Head north to the elevator.

Primary Goal: Go To Biomod Lab

Only when you drink A LOT of soda.

After Billie is finished, take the elevator back up. Before you reach the guard that is still standing, check the sleepy one for a riot prod, ammo, and a flashbang grenade. Chat with the live guard. For the easy out, suggest sneaking past. Move into the apartment on your left. Use the vent to sneak out but before you do clear out the open chest of its combat knife, 100 credits, and ammo clip. By the bed, near the pillow, is an EMP grenade. Before you exit the vent nab the multitool. And once out, grab the other multitool from the kitchen.

Listen for footsteps and sneak south to the desk. Use the Holocomm Unit for some tidbits. To your left, pick up the pillow to reveal a multitool. Nearby, open the chest for a medkit and concussion prox mine. As the Seeker walks past the malfunctioning apartment door either shoot him or just walk up behind and whap him with the riot baton a few times. Pick up all bodies you find and move them aside just in case some stray ammo is laying beneath them. Check Billie's apartment for more food. Her chest is still locked but one multitool can open it for an EMP grenade. Head towards your apartment for a big surprise. On you left, in the kitchen, mantle up the wall to find a boltcaster. Go out the gaping hole in the bathroom, and through the door to exit. To reach the door move forward against the platform while pressing your jump key. Alex will mantle up. Remember this, you'll being using this skill throughout the game.


Tarsus Laboratory - The Surreal World

Jog ahead to the Holocomm Unit for some timely info.

Primary Goal: Install Biomods

Read the datacube next to it, spin around, and read the other three datacubes. Grab the multitool on the back corner of the table. Snag all three Biomod Canisters from the cabinet and open the Biomod Screen. Since I'm playing a stealth/hacker I have to make a critical choice. Since Cloak and Hack are in the same slot I can't have both. Instead, I will spend all three upgrades on Vision Enhancement. Not only will this allow you to see through walls, it will also allow you to see ALL OBJECTS that you might want to pickup or interact with. Leave out the door to the south and talk with the nurse. Take a look through the window then read the datacube.

Even a Level 2 vision aug makes stealth possible. All you need is the Move Silent aug and you're set to go.

Sneaking past the camera is relatively easy. You can hide under it and wait for it to point away from the stairs before moving. You can also use an EMP grenade or multitool on it. Nab the energy cell atop the crate if you can. Keep moving up the stairs until you find the scientists on your right.

Secondary Goal: Protect Scientists

There are many options on how you can handle this. You can use a flashbang grenade/riot prod combo, or detonate the gas canister below (its behind the crates where the camera is) with your pistol. Talk with the two scientists for your reward. Go ahead and use the silencer mod on the pistol. Continue talking then enter the next room and talk to the other scientist. If you fully upgraded your vision you can use it to find a bunch of stuff in this room. A multitool on a shelf, an energy cell near it, a revealing datacube, an ammo clip in a locked cabinet under the table, and most of all your first black market biomod canister. Its in a locked cabinet next to a medkit. I advise taking this. Computing hacking has always worked for me in other games.

Both Seekers died by the stairs when they inhaled the noxious fumes from the gas canister. Just one of many options available.

Oh so many options exist for getting past the energy beams. You can hack the nearby terminal to get past them, detonate the explosive crate to destroy them, use a grenade on them, move the barrel by the vent grate to block one beam off, or just leave the room using the ventilation shaft that's blocked by the barrel. Any way you do it leave using the vent shaft to claim the multitool inside. Once you're out open the door. Outside is a Medbot that can heal you. Spin around and climb the stairs. In the locked cabinet you'll find an energy cell and 100 credits. To the right of the cabinet is a vent shaft. Defeat the spiderbot and you'll have a prime post ion to shoot the guards. Consider using a multitool on the camera to avoid any alarms. Or you can go back down the stars, past the medbot, and open the door. Walk around to get the guard's attention. Lure him back down the hall away from his friend and then use the riot baton. Repeat for the other guard. Heal up using the medbot. Go back to the last lab and snag the multitool in the northeast corner. Climb the stairs and get out. But before you can leave, its time to hear from the Church.

Primary Goal [Order]: Report to Church

Nick the energy cell next to the Holocomm Unit. Leave.

Conspiratorial nod to: Joshua for boltcaster wrangling

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