Upper Seattle - The Coffee Wars

"Let us be thankful we have commerce. Buy more. Buy more now. Buy more and be happy." - THX 1138

Chat with the guards.

Primary Goal [WTO]: Report to WTO

And after you enter upper Seattle yet another goal:

Secondary Goal: Dr. Nassif: Search Apartment

Head east until you find the New Seattle Citizen. Listen to the Holocomm Unit for some background. Check the datacube near the unit for a map. Chat it up with the citizen then spin around and enter the coffee shop to the northwest. Check the Public Terminal. The plot is thickening. Enter the coffee shop and listen in on the conversation. Talk with the patron and the store manager.

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars: Destroy Beans

So its a Double-Decaf Skim Augmented Latte? With or Without Soy?

IIf you need ammo take the ammo clip next to the espresso machine behind the manager. Continue on into the other part of the coffee shop. Get the multitool from under the table in the northwest corner. Read some books. Leave.

Head west back from where you came and down a short hall, it has the Inclinator sign over it (if you can read it... a bit blurry). Talk with the three thugs there. Promise you'll return after you visit the ATM. Jump into the dumpster behind them for some food and an ammo clip. Walk west and enter the Inclinator. The punks can wait for now.


Are You So Inclined?

Listen to the conversation then chat it up with everyone present. Check atop the stairs (east) for a multitool and proximity EMP grenade.

Primary Goal: Inclinator: Clean Up Spill

Continue on and talk with the guard at the door. Don't enter. Instead. push the wooden platform next to him aside so that you can access the ventilation system. Crawl in and out the other side.

I'm feeling an intense pressure at the back of my head.


Wait for the bot to walk away. Close the vent grate, and mantle atop (make sure you're not crouching). Hop over the railing. Run east into the office. Claim the multitool and 100 credits from the table then its back into another vent shaft. Cross the I-beam. Where it connects with another I-beam turn left and left again. Go all the way back to the office window to find a multitool. Turn around and head east. Crouch when you reach the edge then head north. Turn left and hop over the railing. Use the Security Computer to flush the area. (Or, hop over the rail to open the room with the Repairbot.) Now that everything is safe spin around and open the chest for a gas grenade and two concussion grenades. Near the terminal is a phosphorous flare on the floor. Proceed west down the ladder. A datacube lays behind you if you want to read it. Stroll east then turn south to the stairs. Go down and talk with the maintenance person. Return up the staircase, turn right, and open up the maintenance closet. Say "hi" to the bot and take the ammo clip. Exit north. Don't worry about the security bots, they're friendly now. Proceed south then duck under the wall on your right. On one end is an emp grenade and multitool, on the other a concussion prox mine. Up the stairs look to the north near a stack of boxes for a medkit. Leave the room. Talk to the Inclinator Director for your reward. Leave the inclinator.

Whaddya think? Its my pose for next year's Thug Life calender.

The punks will ask again for money. Either fight them or pay 50 credits for an easy out. A quick way out is to use a gas grenade. It should take out two of the thugs if you aim for the crates in between. Use the riot baton and everyone will be blissfully asleep. Open the crate to claim the glass destabilizer mod and some ammo. You can also chose not to fight the punks but there are some neat things we need from here for later.


Riding On The Metro

Time to make some new friends. Head east past the Tarsus Academy then make a left up the stairs. Turn right following the sign to the Metro. Talk with the Thugs you find there (not too much) but don't pay them anything.

Go north past the bot. Hang a left and open the vent right in front of you. Follow the vent and take down the one guard patrolling while still inside the vent. If you make it noisy the guard from the booth will investigate. Handle him the same way. Crawl out of the vent and enter the area on your right. Open the locker for the softkey, riot prod, and ammo clip. Check the closet across from here for a shelf with an ammo clip, energy cell, food, and a medkit. As your clearing the bodies make sure you get the nervous guy's shotgun. The alternate fire provides a nice smokescreen that when combined with the vision aug creates a great combo.

Dispatch the remaining guard outside the booth. Use either the secuirty computer or the button in the booth to disable the security beams. Stroll south up the stairs and ride away to the WTO Air Terminal.

Cleveland? Nothing from Cleveland?


I Wanna Be An Airborne Ranger

Talk to the first guard you see (again, keep using him like everyone else to hear everything he has to say). Walk on to the coffee shop and chat with patrons. Enter the room to the west for more chat. If you hack the ATM make sure NO ONE sees you. (Crouching helps.) Otherwise, the guards will open fire. At the south end of the room look under the chairs for a multitool.

Walk east and approach the window on your right for a chat. Talk to the two guards by the elevator door. Walk north to the management office and listen to the conversation with the Civic Manager. Talk to him after the conversation ends.

Secondary Goal: VOX Finances: Investigate

You can raid his office after he leaves. The locker on the left has two ammo clips, the one next to it has a silencer mod, and his safe contains an emp grenade, scramble grenade, and a datacube with his security computer login. Cross over to the other office and talk to Donna Morgan's hologram.

Primary Goal [WTO]: Culture Minister: Investigate

Look under her desk for a multitool. Leave the WTO Terminal. Its time to go clubbin'.

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