Its possible to roleplay Deus Ex: Invisible War a bit more than the first one. One of the most frequent emails I got (second only to "How Do I Leave Liberty Island?") was "Do I Have To Take Paul's Side With The NSF?". The good news is that you have two factions and you are not forced to side with either. Pick the one you like and follow their objectives. This walkthrough plays both sides for fun and completes most of the seconary objectives. It makes the game longer and more interesting as you'll hear conversations that reveal more background.

I'm not finished but I am working on it.

I strongly suggest everyone download the v1.1 patch here. It fixes many things already covered by this thread but you won't have to edit your INI files.

Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo

Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo Walkthrough


Deus Ex: Invisible War Walkthrough

Tarsus Academy

Seattle, Washington

Upper Seattle - Inclinator - Metro - WTO Air Terminal
Club Vox - Emerald Suites
Emerald Suites Penthouse - Club Vox VIP Room
Lower Seattle - Greasel Pit - Order Church - Helipad
Sak's Hangar - Inclinator Pt. 2 - WTO Air Terminal Pt. 2

Mako Ballistics

Cairo, Egypt

South Medina - Nassif Greenhouse
North Medina - Medina Apartments
Arcology - Tarsus Academy
Air Arcology - ApostleCorp

Trier, Germany

SSC HQ - QueeQuegs - Tavern - Black Gate Ruins
Black Gate Labs - Templar Compound - Templar Church


Shackleton Shelf - Sanctuary
Versalife Base - Exterior & Interior

Cairo, Egypt Pt. 2

South Medina - North Medina - Templar Mosque
Arcology - Air Arcology

Liberty Island, New York

East Side - West Side - Ruins
The End?


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