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"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne, Firefly

Primary Goal: Enter Main Complex

If you left with Sid you're practically within jumping distance of the best exit. But, not much challenge in that so lets assume you left with Ava. Check the dumpsters for a concussion grenade and food with a medkit. Beside a dumpster you can find a multitool. Walk east through the door then carefully open the next. Quietly take down the patrolling guard. Close the door and wait for his friend. Open the door and take him down as well. Close the door again for cover. There are a total of three guards to handle as well as one bot. Do whatever you can then pull pack.

Or if you hate small rooms, stack a few boxes and climb atop the roof. You'll get a great view and nothing can chase you up there.

Head northwest to the stack of crates. Toss them aside and open the vent. Take out both spidey bots and enter. On your right get the multitool from atop the box with the pipes coming out the top. Continue north. When you pass the grate with the light behind it look up and on your right for a multitool. Head north to the end where you will find a crowbar and energy cell. Leave the vent and talk with Groundskeeper. Don't bother paying him, the front door isn't the best way to get in. Check the shelves for two ammo clips, medkit, and an increased range mod. Leave the cage and go down the hall to the vent. Careful you don't alert the guard on the other side of the door if he's still there. Crawl in to claim a multitool. There's no way to open the other end of the vent so either blow it with a grenade, or open the door you passed and take your chances. Either way head east across the courtyard. Stay on the north end (by the main doors) to avoid the camera. Enter Cargo Bay 02. Time it and you can easily handle this last guard from behind without him knowing.

Run to the north end and turn around to go down the stairs. Here is the 2nd entrance to Mako and an ATM to hack. The 3rd entrance is slightly better so keep moving. Go back upstairs, a chest nearby contains a medkit and an emp grande. Use a multitool to bypass the keypad and go up the ladder. In the room above snag the multitool, ammo clip, and concussion grenade. Alternately, you can pick up a box and jump on it to climb the platform above where the guard was patrolling. Tricky, but possible. Leave the room. For a bonus turn around and jump atop the railing. Jump atop the roof and scoop up the two ammo clips, sniper rife, and food. Exit through the door to the north to reach the roof.

Now around this point is where we catch up with all those who choose to leave Seattle with Sid. Head west and climb the ladder. Turn left and fall of the end of the roof. Head west again and sneak past the camera. If you can get under it go ahead and disable it. Exit through the vent to the north.

From the creators of "Cargo Bay" comes the most anticipated sequel of the year.



Mako Interior - Its Fiesta Week In The Cafeteria

Primary Goal: [Order] Mag Rail: Assassinate Scientist
Primary Goal: [WTO] Mag Rail: Upload Spec

Check out the goods on the table. Make sure you read the datacube for the BioLab Keycode. Now carefully open the door. On your left is a camera. One guard patrols a circle that eventually passes in front of the door you've opened. If you can hack, dash to the right. Make a left. Then slide right into the niche and hack the Security Computer to shut off both cameras. Then, take down the guard when he passes. Otherwise, sneak left and disable the camera. Now wait in the office and take the guard out when he passes. From the Security Computer, sneak under the railing to land down below.

Open the door on your left for a few things (phospherous flare, gas grenade, riot prod) and access to a Power Box. This Power Box controls the lights in this section of Mako. If anything, its neat to disable it just to see the lighting change. Leave and enter the door that leads to the service tunnels. Go the bottom of the stairs. The shelves on your right have a few things (ammo clip, medkit, multitool, energy cell) and a datacube with the keycode for he Mako Weapons Lab. Pull aside the grate and crawl underneath. Snag the multitool and continue until you reach the end. Nail the one guard when he passes.

Stay quiet and don't say anything like "Snausages™". Its the word that drives robot dogs mad!

Continue down the passage. The door on your left can be opened for an energy cell and ammo clip. On to the next door for a combat knife and crowbar. Climb up the ladder. Before you clear the shelves of the sniper rifle, concussion grenade, and ammo clip there is the little matter of the patrolling bot outside. Wait for it to head away from you. Follow it. Eiither shoot the explosive crate sitting atop the cart when the bot passes it or dart to the right and hack the Security Computer to disable it. If you go for the explosive approach expect a guard to show up.

With the bot down check north for an elevator to the biolabs. We don't need it now but don't forget where you saw this. Head south. On your left are two openings. Let the guard pass the 2nd one heading north and take him down. Give the receptionist in the lobby the night off. Be quiet and sneak under her desk to do this, otherwise she could trip the alarm and then you have a turret to deal with. Or, sneak around her desk and hack the terminal on the other end. When its over, take the multitool from the desk. Leave the lobby and take the multitool from the bottom of the cart on which the explosive crate is (or was) sitting. Head south up the stairs and make a right. Go to the end and (if you can be quiet) sneak up on the scientist and guard to hear their conversation. Pull back.

If you're quiet, and the lights are low, you can trigger a small conversation between the guard and the scientist.

The guard is the only one you have to worry about. If you have a weapon modded with glass destabilizer use it on the window and then take down the guard. Hop inside his station and clear the shelves of all their goodliness (medkit, smg, ammo clip, flashbomb, energy cell, refire rate mod). Leave the guard station and open the secured door to the south. Go down the hall and through the next door. Talk with the scientist (Don't worry about the one guard and bot, they won't hurt you... yet.) If you want the cool weapon don't kill the scientist (and if he isn't there I dunno why, the weapon will be available... sometimes. And sometimes you're just gonna have to reload from an earlier game save.). Grab the mag rail. (If you just have to kill the guy be prepared to fight the guard and bot. Don't worry, you'll get another chance at a Mag Rail a bit later.)

Primary Goal: Dr. Nassif: Search Biolab

Near the Mag Rail is a multitool and on the table you'll find two ammo clips. Leave the lab and approach the ladder. Either handle the two guards below or sneak across the pipe to the vent. Crawl in and deal with the spideybot. Exit out the other end. If the guards are looking for you wait until they give up. Head to the north end and use the elevator to reach the biolabs.


Mako Bio Labs - If It Glows, Let It Go

Walk up and talk to the ladies. Consider knocking them out. If they alert the director you won't get to talk to him (not required but interesting.) Two guards to handle. One patrols back and forth over the catwalk overlooking the lab. The other is inside a guard station. You could handle these guards many ways so I won't elaborate here. Once the guards are finished look around downstairs for a multitool. Read the datacube. If you feel brave, head north and chat with Specimen: X07.

Yeah... go on. Tell me how much you've missed me.

Go upstairs and destabilize the window on the guard booth. Check the shelves for items (medkit, ammo clip, and spiderbomb). Also on the shelf is a datacube with a keycode. Enter the Director's office, its the only door left on the 2nd floor. One guard to handle but try talking with the director first. Take the guard out. Open up the cabinet for a biomod canister. Get the multitool by the holocomm unit. Read the book by the window, its interesting. Now enter Dr. Nassif's office (for once the vent wasn't the best way to go). By her desk grab the medkit and the energy cell from the floor. Read her email.

Primary Goal: Leave for Cairo

Use the medbot to heal up. Leave the biolab via the elevator. You'll find one new guard patrolling the area where the bot was. Take him out or if you have to use the ladder in the storage closet across from the elevator to take a long route around. Get back to the conference room where you started and exit out the vent (its in the ceiling). Though four new guards have been added they won't check the roof. Run east and mantle over the wall to reach the rooftop. Leave.

Though the mag rail doesn't exist the rail gun does. Featured in the movie Eraser this gun is based on science fact.

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