I Was Told There Was A Movie On This Flight

"I was working on a flat tax proposal and I accidentally proved there's no god." - Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

Note: Computer hacking is useless at this point. Throughout Cairo and the last mission you will not need it. I strongly recommend changing the Neural Interface mod to something more useful like Cloak.

Once you arrive speak with your pilot. Again, you can pick up a multitool in the northeast corner.

Primary Goal: Revive Paul Denton
Primary Goal: Kill Paul Denton

Head west. Climb the ladder. In the locker you can find two scrambler prox mines. Head to the bottom and talk with Sid at the coffee shop. Talk to the Coffee Shop Manager. If you tell him about the conspiracy you'll receive a side quest (and a key to unlock the safe).

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars: Loot Safe

Proceed southeast to Nassif's Greenhouse. You won't be able to enter it but you can defeat two greasels for a few items (phosphorous flare, 100 credits, medkit and a multitool). On the way back you'll have two more greasels to handle so think before you do this. Northwest of the burning barrel that you pass is a small alcove. Follow it around and across the pipe to an attic. Defeat the two greasels up here and you can claim the treasure in the corner (two ammo clips, a multitool, and food). Drop through the hole to get out. Return to the coffee shop. You might want to blast open the doors to the Arcology but its more trouble than its worth. First, the elevator is broken so you won't be entering from there. Second, there are two Armored Templars. Lastly, all you can get out of it is a medkit, a datacube to read, and a big mess. Just go back to the Coffee Shop and stroll north. Speak with the Elite.

Oooh, like I'm sooo scared. Jerk.

If you turn him down you will have to fight him. Agree with him and you can decide to fight him later. It all depends on whose side you take. Go past him and enter North Medina. Keep going around the corner and up the steps. Talk to the Omar trader for a few goods if needed. He does have a black market biomod canister and the ever elusive gas grenades.

Secondary Goal: Talk to Leo

Leave and go back down the steps. Hang a right and find Leo in front of the Mosque. When you speak with him pick at least one of two options that doesn't end the conversation. The more interesting option is NOT to offer him any money. If you do this make sure to follow him so you can cash in on the aftermath.

Uh Leo, George Lucas called. He wants you in his next movie.

Before he or you run off look behind the tires for a multitool. A bit further south behind the barrels and such are more things (two flashbombs, two 25 credits, two 100 credits). Head north and check out the Public Terminal. Keep going to where the Holocomm Unit is with Her Holiness. You might also find Lin-May Chen here (I did but then I misled her a bit back in Germany.) In the southwest corner is the vent shaft leading to the Harvester's lair or what's left of it. Under the loading slats are a few goodies (an ammo clip and inside the chest two ammo clips, and energy cell, and a medkit). Go back and enter Medina Apartments. Revisit Nassif on the first floor.

Secondary Goal: Hidden Templars: Investigate

You'll find most of the items the first time you were here are still there (medkit in a chest, two ammo clips on a shelf, an energy cell on a shelf). Go upstairs but just open the door this time and listen in on the conversation. Defeat both the Templar and Silas. In the apartment snag the medkit, energy cell, and ammo clip from the chest. A silencer mod rests on a table out on the balcony. Return to Nassif for a meager reward. Leave the apartment complex and enter the Order Mosque.


In Large Bots We Trust?

Secondary Goal: Free Mosque: Eliminate Bot

Open the door and take down the patrolling guard on your right. Try to be quiet about it or you'll have to handle the Armored Templar on your left. You'll find the guard patrolled a route past a table with two 25 credits ending near a basket with an ammo clip. The Armored Templar's route ends by a basket with an energy cell. A multitool sits atop a rafter. The bot in the Mosque can be handle easily using the remote drone or the mag rail with vision aug. Simply return to the entrance and run up to the wall with the vision aug. You should be able to make out enough to terminate it.

Secondary Goal: Free Mosque: Collect Reward

Actually, its my BATON that will prevail.

Walk south and turn right down the stairs. One guard patrols the hall so start with him. First entrance on your left has a guard. The next has two. If you can trigger their conversation the two will part, one heads north the other south. Divide and conquer. With the guards provided for, continue north and speak with the doctor and his friends. Leave and revisit the hall. When you find two barrels look behind them for two ammo clips. Under the stairs you can talk to the school girl and pick up another multitool. Go back upstairs and enter the Mosque. You may have to deal with a patrolling guard. Continue to the east end. Two guards patrol this end. Find the stairs in the southeast corner and climb up. Listen to the scientists. On the desk you'll find two ammo clips and in the cabinet are a few things (two energy cells and a medkit). Leave down the stairs and east through the elevator.

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