The End Is Near

"You may have won the war but you haven't won the ... thing... bigger than war." - Zim, Invader Zim

At this point so much is going on it feels like the whole world is about to collapse. And it very well could happen if that's what you want. To summarize there are three factions, depending on who you allied with at the end of the last mission. You have the following:

  • Grays and Robots - If you allied with JC they will be your friends though I can think of one bot that is just mean irregardless. Of course, he patrols near Ava's drop off point.
  • Illuminati Elite Troopers - Obviously they represent the Illuminati and if they didn't like you in the last mission they won't like you now.
  • Armored Templars - Nope, they don't care much for you either unless you donated some blood.

Now it doesn't matter who you sided with last mission you can still play through all four endings (and a fifth I'll mention later). Its just that if you allied with someone other than JC in the last mission you should know who your allies are in this one.

Primary Goal: ApostleCorp Great Advance
Primary Goal: Find Aquinas Spec

To begin lets assume you flew out with Ava. If you left with Sid, well, let's just say things could have been better. Sid will drop you off on a familiar helipad if you played the first Deus Ex. Head east and sneak past the Elite Troopers on your right if they don't like you. Keep going past the Armored Templar until you reach the East Docks door. Those who went with Ava just head east past the bot and through the door. Disable the bot if needed. Continue east and make a left. Disable the Elite Trooper (try to use melee weapons and conserve ammo). Head to the end of the dock, make a left and find Tong.

Secondary Goal: Repair Bots

Bring me your tired, your poor, your bots of mass destruction.

In the room Tong stands in are few things (two ammo clips, medkit, two energy cells, a biomod canister and a fragmentary round mod). If you have enough multitools go ahead and activate all three bots using the power boxes on the back of each storage crate. Now, go back and talk with Tong. Telling Tong you have plans for the bots upsets him and is not required. Since Armored Templars are a pain to take out send the bots to the east side (but if you plan on playing all three endings make sure Saman doesn't die, he usually doesn't but just be sure). At this point try to start a few fights by tossing a grenade. Grenades are like magnets, they attract the curious from both sides. After you leave the docks you'll have two Armored Templars to handle behind the cargo containers to the south. A bit further south is another Armored Templar and a crate. Near it you'll find a concussion grenade and ammo clip. The structure on your right is Bunker K. Inside you'll find Saman and two Armored Templar. If you are allied with Saman go ahead and enter to talk with him. Grab a few things before leaving (three ammo clips, a spider bomb, and an emp converter). Continue south to find two Elite Troopers. With a path cleared its time to move on a bit. Go back north to the other side and through the door you originally entered to return to the West Side.

With so many people from opposing factions it only takes a grenade thrown between them to start a war.

Walk west and take out the Templar if needed. Near a crate due west of where you entered you can find two ammo clips. Continue south. The small shed directly ahead (in front of the statue entrance) has a few things (three ammo clips, an emp grenade, and a medkit). If you are allied with JC go ahead and enter the statute to speak with him. In the nearby create you can collect quite a bit (three ammo clips, two energy cells, an increased damage mod). Two more ammo clips can be found in the northwest corner. Leave and continue south into the Illuminati camp. As you approach it you'll find Armored Templar on your left. Toss a grenade down the middle and watch the fun that begins. Or, snipe your way through. This map is fairly large and a single headshot can take down any Elite Trooper. Make sure your sniper rifle is silenced, otherwise you may be easily targetted. Another approach is to simply sneak past and save the Troopers for later when they can be helpful. Continue south through the door to the Illuminati Encampment. Say hi to the repairbot. Crawl to the right and hop over the ice to crawl beside the tent. Keep going to the front and make a left. Multitool open the floor hatch (or make your way past two Elite Troopers and a bot to enter the front door). Talk to everyone inside, they're all friendly.

Primary Goal: Illuminati Age of Light

Lady, I'm gonna have to ask you to stop pointing that at Little Alex. It makes him nervous.

A chest near where you entered has some goods (four ammo clips, a biomod canister, and a fragmentary round mod). Leave. Head north through the door and make a left once your past the docks. Turn right at the corner. Watch for an Armored Templar if she's there.

Secondary Goal: Talk to Leo

The CommVan is to the left of the UNATCO entrance, near the helipad. Talk to Leo. Don't tell him to do anything just yet.

Primary Goal: Defeat Everyone

Collect the goods near the crate (medkit, two energy cells, black market biomod canister, and a refire rate mod). For those of you planning on the completing Leo's goal skip this next bit and click on to the next page. DO save a game here for later in case you want to play Leo's ending. Return to the UNATCO entrance. Sneak or disable your way past the bot and enter.


Walking Among The Graves Of Good Intentions

If you didn't kill Billie back in Antarctica this is where you'll find her, at the base of the first staircase. If you've allied with the Templars she'll talk. If not, you can try getting past her and talk later if you choose to ally with the Templars. Keep going until you reach the two thugs by the table.Talk to the leader if you need a few things. Head down the steps to level two.

Primary Goal: Templar Flood

Wow, there really WAS a lemon-lime conspiracy just as Gunther said over 20 years ago. Spooky.

There isn't anything you need from level 2 but if you have time (or have killed the patrolling Armored Templar) check out the various areas. When done go north down the stairs. Be careful, you might run into another Armored Templar at the base of the stairs. Go through the doorway. Two more Armored Templars patrol the halls on the east and north ends. If you follow the hall heading north around the corner look for a datacube on the floor. Continue on to what remains of the holding cells. Another Armored Templar patrols here but he's guarding some goodies (five ammo clips, scrambler grenade, medkit, concussion grenade, noisemaker grenade, a black market biomod canister, and an emp converter mod). Once you've cleaned house walk east from the stairs and enter the office on your left. In the open areas of the floor you can climb down to find two multitools. Sneak east and find the Aquinas Hub terminal. Save your game. This is where we try the different endings.

...and now it ends -->