Come For The Snow, Stay Because You're Stranded

"It's my estimation that every man ever got a statue made of him was one kind of a son of a bitch or another." - Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly

Enjoy the ride? When the dust settles speak with your new friend.

Primary Goal: Revive JC Denton
Secondary Goal: Free Gray

Look south for some shelves. Grab the goods (medkit, ammo clip, multitool, phosphorous flare). Read the datacube for a map. On the north side you can find a spiderbomb, increased range mod, and scrambler grenade atop the ice. Leave the room and journey to the ice shelf.

Secondary Goal: Talk to Billie


Before you do anything make sure the military grade bot on your left is disabled. Mag rail is a safe bet. The explosive containers to the west help. If you're very sneaky, run under the shack and pop out behind it on its west end. Back there, if the guard doesn't catch you, is a Security Computer. Or, perhaps best of all, climb the ladder up the south side of the shack. From atop its roof you can easily handle the two guards (west and north). Leave the bot alone and crawl in through the vent on the east end. Listen to Billie using the Holocomm Unit. Don't make any noise, two guards are just outside the door. Open the door. Move in just an inch then pull back. Listen to them. Wait for them to leave. Close the door and stay crouched if they get nosey. Once you're clear you can find some items in the chests nearby (ammo clip, emp prox mine and a scrambler grenade in one and a medkit and biomod canister in the other). Get the softkey from the desk and the multitool on the floor next to it. Just outside the office on your right is a Security Computer. Hack it and you can disable the cameras as well as the bot. Check the three nearby lockers for goods (four ammo clips, a spiderbomb, and a scrambler grenade).

A well placed grenade will open all the lockers just as one could open all the chests back in the office.

Now go outside and take down the two remaining guards. One guard might check inside the tent so start with him first. Run to the west end and free the gray. You can let the greasel loose too, he/she/it is friendly. Look at the barrels to the west. On the loading slats you can find a multitool, ammo clip, and a phosphorous flare. Run northeast and enter the tunnel. Disable the turret and continue to the excavation site. Things get a bit dicey now. The Templar have deployed troops with power armor. With the exception of a small triangular weakness in their back they are tough to take down. Oh, and when they die they explode. So best bet is to use the mag rail alt fire to shoot through walls (or sneak if you have the cloak aug). If they can't see you they can't shoot you. Take your time. Let the fools come to a complete stop so your shots count. If you have an ammo scavenger mod the mag rail would be a good choice to use it on.

Act now and we'll throw in this lovely storage box.

After defeating the first Templar toss an emp grenade to the turret. Three more Armored Templars later and you'll be at the entrance to the Sanctuary. If the last one gives you trouble you can wait until he's next to the explosive barrels and take advantage of them. You could also sneak past them all but you'll have to deal with them on the way out so unless you have cloak take them all down. Enter the Sanctuary.


Welcome To Sanctuary, Runner

Walk in. Look up. Neat, eh?

Primary Goal: Repair JC-Helios Core

Before you do anything check out the Holocomm Unit to the southeast. If Ava is your pilot you'll get some answers. I'm not sure what happens if she isn't. South of the Holocomm Unit you'll find a datacube and a ladder leading down below. Three greasels run around but you'll also find a bunch of stuff (two ammo clips, a medkit, an emp grenade, and an energy cell). Conserve your ammo when hunting anything in here. You're going to need it later. Down below in the sparks its possible to retrieve a biomod canister without getting electrocuted. Return back up the ladder and activate the Helios Processing Module. Its the big purple disk across from the Holocomm Unit.

The mother AND father of all swords.

Nifty, eh? Talk with the gray. Snag the Dragon's Tooth Sword from atop the bookshelf. Take the energy cell from atop the drawers then climb upstairs. You may think you're back in the same room but you're not. Before activating the Helios Processing Module climb down the ladder in the southwest. Two karkians and one greasel but a wealth of goods also await (a medkit, two ammo clips, emp grenade, and an energy cell). As before, a biomod canister is yours just don't walk to close to the electrical shorts. Go back up the ladder and use the Helios Processing Module.

Yup, same thing again. Leave the room. If you like, go down the ladder its just two karkians and a greasel again. For those of you who invested in the Strength Enhancement using the sword I mentioned earlier makes quick work of everything. The goods this time include a very easy to obtain biomod canister and a broken chest down by the electrical shorts (a medkit, two ammo clips, an energy cell, and an emp grenade). Use the purple disc again to continue.

Billie Adams, amateur gymnast.

Yup, same thing again. A book to read is on the table. Leave. But this time you can't go down below. Use the purple disc. Before you move try taking out the turret you hear to the southeast. Ready a weapon. After you finish talking with Billie take her out. (Or sneak out and don't bother fighting her. However, you will see her later.) Whatever you do, do NOT stray to close to the inner railing or the turret(s) will open fire. When you're finished having fun exit out the south hall and play with the purple disc.

Primary Goal: Talk to JC Denton

Go west. Keep him talking there's some heavy stuff to be considered here.

Primary Goal: Return to Cairo: Meet Helicopter

Leave out the north alcove. Purple disc it one more time.

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