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Invisible Characters

Some brief descriptions of major characters in the world of Invisible War.

Alex Denton
Cloned from JC Denton’s DNA, this is the player’s character and can be male or female. Alex was growing up in Chicago during the events of the first game. Many people think of him/her as “the guy in the tank at Area 51” but new evidence has come up that suggests we have all been fooled.

JC Denton
The ex-avatar will be a mentor or an adversary, depending on how one plays the game. MIA at the start of the game: the search for him is one of the plot devices of the game.

Paul Denton
Whether you saved him or not in the first game, he’s back now. Hopefully, Invisible War won’t put in another window trigger this time...

Tracer Tong
That’s right, Tong is back and now with new graphically enhanced liver spots! He hasn’t aged well over the fifteen years since the first game, so he may be the only character that looks WORSE in the new engine.

Nicolette DuClare
Aww she’s all grown up now! Her part in the story is sketchy at best right now...

Sid Black
One of the two new pilots the player can hire--Jock is MIA regardless of whether or not you saved him in the first game.

Chad Dumier
Remember the resistance leader in the catacombs? Remember how he survived by eating soyfood and rats, yet all the women had a crush on him? Well, he’s out of the catacombs and in charge of the new and retooled World Trade Organization. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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