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Deus Ex Files

Files... they make the world go 'round! We've got em all here... from stuff released to promote the game to the latest and greatest from the Deus Ex mod community. Take a look, and if for whatever reason you don't see something here that you want, then drop us a line!


Sometimes they fix what's broken, and sometimes they add new features. Well, with Deus Ex, you get both! Make sure to snag the multiplayer patch, and come frag with us.

Game Demos

Want to get a playable preview because you're not sure you want to pick up the game? Well then here you go! We've got a PC demo plus a whole new add-on mission, and even a MAC demo.


Whether you want to build an entire Total Conversion mod with a team of twenty, or just a fun deathmatch map, you need the SDK. Come get some!

Community Add-ons

Looking for the best of what the community has to offer? Then look no further than hosted site Deus Ex Ed, the mighty database-driven location for all maps, mods, meshes and more that the Deus Ex community has come up with. You can even leave your own comments!


Need a new challenge in DXMP? Look no further! Custom maps for the Multiplayer aspect of Deus Ex are here contained. These are mere download links with brief descriptions, check DEA for more info on them and also on DXMP in general.

Fan-made Missions

This section contains the user-created singleplayer maps for Deus Ex. Note that these are not mods per se, but rather maps that use the resources that are already available in Deus Ex, perhaps with a few new textures or characters.


Mods made to Deus Ex that contain significant changes to some aspect of the original gameplay.


ION Storm was nice enough to release a handful of songs from Deus Ex in .mp3 form, by both Alexander Brandon and also Reeves Gabrels. Nice stuff!


ION Storm released a lot of cool conceptual art used in creating all the models in the game, and we've got it here. Enjoy.


Screenshots galore! Weapons, firefights, hacking, sneaking... you name it, you'll see it here.


We couldn't think of a category... just go take a look. :)

GameSpy Arcade

GameSpy Arcade offers complete support for Deus Ex multiplayer. This server browsing and matchmaking utility lets you see a complete list of servers on the Internet, and then connect to them with a simple click. It also features buddy tracking, chat, server sorting/filtering, and support for hundreds of different games.

Top 50 Deus Ex Files

A list of the 50 most popular Deus Ex files on FilePlanet. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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