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Let's be honest, there's a reason we're running a Planet site for Deus Ex. And that reason is that we know Deus Ex like we know our own augmentations... backwards, forwards, and upside down. So why not put all this knowledge to good use, and help some of our fellow players out? Got a question? Well, we've got answers.

Demo FAQ

A series of documents for those of you looking to investigate Deus Ex for the first time. We've got techsupport to get you up and running, cheats, and even some fun easter eggs.

Editing Help

I don't know about you, but I REALLY want to learn how to make my own Deus Ex missions. What we've done is create some basic tutorials to get you started, and then put up the information you'll need to head off and get more advanced instruction. There's a whole new world out there... you just have to make it.

Hardware Tweak Guide

If you're like us, computer speed is essential. This huge guide, by Kevin Barton of PlanetHardware, will help you customize your Deus Ex setup so that you have the exact visual quality and framerate that you want.

Multiplayer Help

Deus Ex Multiplayer is a daunting beast... not only do you have a bigass assortment of weapons and devices to try to figure out, you've also got skills and augs to put into the mix! Check out this massive set of documents that will tell you everything you'll ever need to know to get the kind of frag counts that your momma requires.

Server Operation FAQ

Server operators are the GODS of the community, offering their own hardware and bandwidth up so that others can have a good time. This FAQ will get your server up and running faster than you can say 'port sniffer'.

Tech Support FAQ

Pulled straight from Eidos Interactive's own tech support team, with a healthy dose of our own investigation thrown in, this large selection of questions and answers should get you up and running if you're not now.

Using GameSpy Arcade

You know that Gamespy Arcade is simply the smartest and coolest solution for both being a part of the Deus Ex community and getting your multiplayer on. But how does it work with Deus Ex? This will get you chatting and fragging in no time. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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