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It's announced! Yep, ION Storm Austin is making a PS2 port of Deus Ex and Eidos will be publishing it. Read on for as much info as is publicly known about the title.

Version History

v 0.7 [12-27-01] release date added
v 0.7 [10-14-01] website info added
v 0.6 [8-23-01] title and logo info added
v 0.5 [5-23-01] some preview stuff added
v 0.4 [5-20-01] Post E3 info added
v 0.3 [5-17-01] Press Release info added
v 0.2 [5-16-01] E3 info added
v 0.1 [5-15-01] Document Created


Chris Norden: Project Co-Lead/Programming
Bill Money: Project Co-Lead
Ken Cobb: Programming (Westlake Interactive)
Phil Sulak: Programming (Westlake Interactive)
Andy Dombroski: Design
Jay Lee: Art
Hugh Suh: Art
Mike Dean: Clean-up Art (formerly of Digital Anvil)
Dennis Loubet: Cinematic Art (formerly of EA)
Mark Vearrier: Cinematic Art (formerly of Digital Anvil)
Alex Brandon: Sound/Music
Al Yarusso: Interface Programmer
Brian Glines: QA
Dane Caruthers: QA


Deus Ex: The Conspiracy. You can see the Logo here, and a trailer here.

Release Date

March 26th, 2002.

Official Website has been split into two branches: one for the PC version and one for the PS2 version. Go there to access story info and various other miscellaneous story-related info.


All the models are new, higher poly. All the animations have been redone with a skeletal animation system and motion capture.


Levels have been split in size due to the console's RAM limitations. Various cosmetic and gameplay tweaks have been added: for example, the NYC_Underground level has been completely re-designed and the Hong Kong layout has changed. Game systems such as inventory, augmentations, or skills have been minorly changed as well. Both the game's control scheme and its various interfaces have been totally reworked to facilitate navigation by means of a PS2 controller.


Aside from technical and art additions, the core game that was Deus Ex for the PC is going to remain as-is.


The main theme has be re-recorded with a full orchestra. (Downloadable from FilePlanet right here).


They are aiming to have the game run at 30fps.


Cinematics are no longer in-engine, but instead have been prerendered.


The interface has been re-done to simplify choices. None of the game systems have been removed, only made more accessible via the PS2's controller. All the menu systems operate via the PS2's shoulder buttons. Your inventory, skills, and command bar all appear on command.


The game has been designed with the Sony Dual Shock Controller in mind, so um get one I guess. However, USB mouse and keyboard support will be included, although not official supported.

The game's control scheme uses the standard dual-stick scheme pioneered by TimeSplitters. Ion Storm realizes that the console control scheme is inherently limited, though, and it plans to implement an auto-targeting feature to compensate. It'll help adjust your aiming not only when you're shooting people, but also when you're trying to zero in on pickups, doors, and other interactive elements.


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