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PlanetDeusEx is pleased to provide hosting services to a great group of Deus Ex sites. Whether you are looking for mods, editing resources, or fun stuff to play, it's all here. Take a look at the hardest working people in the community!


    A single player mod based around the popular AYBABTU catch-phrase.

  • Cold Hearted
    Both single- and multi-player, this mod will feature genocidal conflict pitting augmented humans against normals.

  • Deicide
    Sci-fi and horror combined into one big Deus Ex SP conversion.

  • Delusive
    Yet another SP mod set 40 years after the events of Deus Ex.

  • Deus Ex Prequel
    Single player mod following the events before Deus Ex.

  • DXMP_PartyZone
    From the site: "... a set of multiplayer maps where people can get together, chat, drink virtual alcohol and generally have a good time. Unlike other DXMP maps, nobody gets hurt in PartyZone (well, you could hurt yourself if you really tried)."

  • Edge of Dark
    Help the Illuminati or help the Shade Republic? You make the choice in this single-player mod project.

  • Indecision
    Single player action where you play a nobody, John Doe of Los Angeles, caught between Syndicate wars and gang action, who gets his bread and butter by way of theivery.

  • Klystron Project
    SP mod set around the events following the Helios ending of Deus Ex.

  • Providence
    A single player modification inspired by film noir.

  • Rebirth
    A single-player Deus Ex project where you have to stop the reappearance of the Grey Death.

  • TargetSighted
    A tactical multiplayer total conversion based on the Assault gametype, using real-world weapons.

  • Vampire
    Single player goodness centering around the dark and disturbing world of the Nosferatu.

  • Warzone Mod
    A full mod for Deus Ex, who has already released a nerve-gas weapon.

  • Wrath of Halo
    SP modification about an Illuminati agent investing the appearance of an organization simply known as 'Halo.'


  • Beast's Maps
    Here you will find maps by author Beast and others, as well as weapon mods, skins and gameplay strategies.

  • Liquid Snake's Maps
    Home of the single-player and multiplayer projects of mapper Liquid Snake.

  • Locke004's DX Dojo
    Mapping site of Locke004, author of the DXMP map DXMP_Skyline.

  • Meeting Place
    Mapping site of author DerianX, who is working on the Vampire mod.

  • Redundant Weirdness
    The home of Mouse in all his redundantly weird glory.


  • Denton's Databank
    A complete walkthrough for Deus Ex, including separate sections on weapons, items, and a list of every location in the game to obtain skill points.

  • Deus Ex Assassins
    Former home of the DEA clan. Now devoted to the DXMP community and mappers.

  • Deus Ex Ed
    A database-driven site dedicated to everything for editing Deus Ex, from maps and prefabs to tutorials and voice-actor lists.

  • Invisible Online
    Clan site of the [NSF] that also has flash movies, maps, and mods to download.

  • Mod Shop
    Map review and preview site that also hosts obituaries for mods that didn't quite make it.



  • Auriga's Art
    A site full of concept art for the Deus Fortress mod, by Auriga.

  • Charisma's Concepts
    A site full of concept art and skins for the Deus Fortress mod, by Charisma.

  • Witchboy's Cauldron
    Website of Harvey Smith, Lead Designer on Deus Ex and Project Leader on Deus Ex 2. You can find all his rants and raves here. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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