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IRC and Chatting

Chat... it's a wonderful thing! This page is where you go to find other Deus Ex players to talk about, well, anything. For those new to internet chatting we've even included a beginners guide below.

Gamespy Arcade

If you haven't downloaded Gamespy Arcade yet, then that needs to be your first step. This revolutionary new program allows you to talk in a Deus Ex chatroom, watch the game servers to see who's playing, and jump into a game with one click. And hey, everyone needs a break from Deus Ex SOMETIMES, so thankfully Gamespy Arcade supports over 170 other games! And if that's not enough, the built in DemoSpy functionality makes it easy to download the latest multiplayer demos and easily find other players to test them out with.

Irc Channels

PlanetDeusEx's Official Chat Channel
Channel: #planetdeus
(join via regular IRC client or web client)'s channel
Channel: #dxorg

The Starchat crowd
Channel:#deusex, #dxediting

For People New To IRC

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is basically a way to people to type messages to each other and immediately get a response, as opposed to the delay in replies associated with messageboards. This page contains helpful information for those new to IRC, in order to cut down on the dumb questions :P. New users please note that IRC is by far the most chaotic form of internet communication yet devised, and that it is often a place for a whole lot of noise and not much information. You can try to get answers to your questions, but no one guarantees anything.

Rules of Conduct

With IRC being as crazy as it usually ends up being, the best rule of thumb is to not piss off the channel operators. Some ways to do this are: impersonate ION Storm employees, repeat the same comments or questions over and over, beg for operator status, talk like Jeff K, or just basically act like an annoying idiot. Think of it this way: if it would get your ass kicked in real life, then most likely it will get your ass kicked off the chat channel. Don't talk about warez or pirating, either. Big no no.

What the Buttons Mean

If you use ION's channel, when you click on the link at the top of the page and the chat program is launched, you will find yourself with several buttons and options available to play with. To begin with, you need to pick a nickname to be known as in the chat room. Then the program will connect, and you can mess with the following stuff:

Bottom Right Toolbar:
Say: Click this button once to speak in the open channel.
Whisper: Click on a user nickname to highlight it, then click this button once to send messages that only that person will see.
Think: Type something and click this button, and it will tell the channel what you are thinking.
Action: Type something and click this button, and it will post a message such as "Gwog kicks everyone in the face."
Feel free to experiment with the other buttons to see what they do.

General Questions About IRC

Why do those people have hammers by their names?
They are channel operators.

What are channel operators?
They are people who know what they are doing, and can kick people out of the channel for being lame.

Why did I get kicked out of the channel when I am so l337?
Because you were being lame.

Why did I get kicked out for Whispering lots to the people with hammers?
Sometimes it can get annoying when new users pester us a lot using the whisper button. Try and state your questions in the open channel instead, or even just be quiet and listen. You'll probably learn something, and people will be much nicer to you.

I am new to chatting. Why is everyone mean to me?
It is a natural thing for those used to the internet to be annoyed by new users. Just hang in there, you'll learn eventually.

I'd like to learn as much as I can about IRC.
Go here and read a lot.

Web Clients vs. IRC Clients

When you click the link above, it launches a chat program based on your web browser. However, there are stand-alone programs for chatting called IRC Clients, and typically they offer a lot more functionality. The most widely-used program is called mIRC, and can be downloaded from | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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