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This is where you'll find all the cool 'stuff' to read that we've been putting together during our many years as the oldest Deus Ex fansite. Interviews, articles, and more FAQ's than you have questions!


You name it, we've got articles for it. Editorials, informative pieces, and much more. Hit the link and get into the discussion.

Work At ION

From time to time ION Storm Austin puts out press releases stating that they are looking to hire employees from the community. When there are jobs available, you'll find them here!


PlanetDeusEX (Deus Ex Incarnate) has been writing DX-related interviews since mid-'98. We've got everything from the core DX team, to contract help, community members, and the people doing the ports.


This is where we get to take a look at Deus Ex community mods, and dig a little deeper. Whether it's an interview or a full fledged investigation, this is where you go to get up to speed.

Got Ghand?

Take a look at this feature to see Staff Writer Ghandaiah rant and rave about everything in general and nothing in particular. Warning: May contain excessively humorous material. PlanetDeusEx will not be responsible for any ruptured lungs, hair loss, overturned chairs caused by viewing this page.

The Path to Illumination

Trapse down the Path to Illumination with the mysteriously powerful staff writer King Kashue. Challenge him to a duel of wits and try to ask THE QUESTION HE CANNOT ANSWER, or just show up to watch the pathetic defeat of those poor souls who do...Maybe you'll learn something along the way...He's smart and he's got a sword...and you've got a whole heap a' trouble...


Got something Deus Ex-related on your mind? Have to rant about something? Need advice for weighty problems such as which socks to wear to the big date? Have a fun link or other trivia that you'd like to let people know about? This is the place for all of the above and more.


An index of every FAQ on the site... even our Deus Ex 2 FAQ!


Nothing beats free stuff, except for maybe giving it away. This is where you go to get stuff!


It's a well-known fact that people make it easy to get games without having to pay for them. Well, in order to help combat this so that the people who did the work can continue to make such great products, we've teamed up wtih Eidos Interactive to get you some swag for turning in download sites.


We ask, you answer, we discuss. Take a look at our current and past polls, and what we thought of the results.


The gaming community takes the Deus Ex universe and extends it in their own special way.


A full walkthrough of the single-player game, along with tons of special tips on using skills, finding experience points, and oh so much more.


A whole Planet site dedicated to just cheats, can you imagine? Here's CheatingPlanet's Deus Ex section. Legend! | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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