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Poll Archive

Listed here is a History of the polls that have been run on PlanetDeusEx, complete with results and commentary from various members of the community and staff. Submissions are always welcome: check out the Poll Suggestions guidelines for details on how to do so.
  • Poll 32: Did/do you modify the menus' appearance in DX?
  • Poll 31: Which Forum do you visit most frequently?
  • Poll 30: Favorite default DXMP map.
  • Poll 29: Why is the Deus Ex Modding Community so small?
  • Poll 28: What'd you do when you first finished Deus Ex?
  • Poll 27: Favorite Deus Ex pastime?
  • Poll 26: Which #planetdeus Op is the most l33t?
  • Poll 25: The Deus Ex ending that should have been
  • Poll 24: Which weapon kills you the most in DXMP?
  • Poll 23: Which set of levels was your least favourite?
  • Poll 22: Deus Ex is being released on PS2
  • Poll 21: Deus Ex is like the movie...
  • Poll 20: Which fight is the most challenging?
  • Poll 19: Playing, and the Deus Ex soundtrack
  • Poll 18: If not JC, what other character's story would you've liked to follow?
  • Poll 17: Best crossbow ammo
  • Poll 16: MiBs/WiBs: Avoid or Fight?
  • Poll 15: Which "must kill" NPC would you have let live?
  • Poll 14: Best weapon type
  • Poll 13: Which Deus Ex female do you think you have the best chances with?
  • Poll 12: Grouped Enemies
  • Poll 11: Pistol Use
  • Poll 10: DX2 Console
  • Poll 9: Military Bots
  • Poll 8: Airducts
  • Poll 7: Most Feared Enemy
  • Poll 6: Engine for DX2?
  • Poll 5: NPC Treatment
  • Poll 4: Like Multiplayer?
  • Poll 3: Reason for Visiting PlanetDX
  • Poll 2: How many times have you played Deus Ex?
  • Poll 1: How'd you do your first Deus Ex playthrough? | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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