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Anti-Warez - Fight Piracy

Help PlanetDeusEx fight software Piracy

We at PlanetDeusEx condemn the practice of pirating games, and hope that you will help us fight warez in order to bring software prices down and make sure that the money gets to the people who did the work.

To do this, PlanetDeusEx has joined up with Eidos to set up a system in order to reward those who provide information on places where Deus Ex is being made available for download. We also want to know about any street vendors or stores in your country selling pirated betas or retail versions (usually easy to tell by their extremely low price and copied box art). This applies to beta versions of Deus Ex or pirated retail versions.

Cool free stuff can be yours for helping out. If you have any information, drop an email to:

Please note that users will receive no reply unless he can actually download the file from the sites reported. Please make sure that any links you send are to actual files, and not just general warez sites that have the game on it somewhere.

And if you are sceptical that your efforts will lead to anything actually happening, make sure to read this article on just how huge this issue is.

"13 Companies, headed up by the IDSA announced today that they have filed multiple lawsuits against six alleged Software Pirate sites (Warez sites) that have illegally distributed copyrighted software. The companies that are part of this lawsuit include Activision, Capcom Entertainment, Eidos Interactive, Electronic Arts, Havas Interactive/Sierra, Hasbro Interactive, LucasArts Entertainment, Interplay, Midway, Nintendo of America, Sony Computer Entertainment America and The 3DO Company."

Note: this idea blantantly swiped from our studly network bretheren at PlanetSoldier. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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