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You see this? You see this page? It's full of evil. Yeah. That's right. Turn around. Run away. You'll be back. I can see right through you, mister. Fine. Go ahead. Read these articles. Your funeral. Ah... ...ahaha... ...wooooo... ...monkey on a man in a banana suit... that's just... that's just too rich...

:Begin Transmission:
  • Got Ghand 21: Dead in the Water
    Ghandaiah loses all his limbs. No, seriously. He cuts them off with a hacksaw. He also talks to Kaigen and shows the most beautiful picture ever to hit the internet: King Kashue getting mauled by a bear.
  • Got Ghand 20: The Palms Shed Blood
    The Gamespy SpyGuy pays Ghandaiah a visit and tries to break him out using File Planet, 1,000 green jelly beans, and a picture of Dick Cheney in a thong.
  • Got Ghand 19: Jedi Idiot
    Experience the magic of drooping lightsabers and failed Jedi mind tricks in Ghandaiah's 8-step guide on how to be completely random.
  • Got Ghand 18: The Anniversary Episode
    Got Ghand is officially one year old as of this episode. Witness Ghand (attempt to) celebrate his wonderful one year at Planet Deus Ex with five pages of article goodness, a healthy collection of the usual crazy images, and even Mr. Trout. If you're look for sane - this ain't the place.
  • Got Ghand 17: Snurkle
    Ghand struggles to stay awake as he discovers the horrible truth about using the wrong mushrooms...
  • Got Ghand 16: Of Riddles and Pigeons
    Ghandaiah makes a detective mockery out of the everlasting hunt for Pete the Pigeon. Read - and attempt to solve - Pete's spooky cryptic e-mails of horror!
  • Got Ghand 15: Dwarvish Nonsense
    Fourteen episodes of having absolutely nothing to do with Deus Ex, and still running strong. Ghandaiah meets up with an unexpected party of dwarvish folk in this comic-book style installment...
  • Got Ghand 14: Spontaneous Combustion
    Ghandaiah celebrates Thanksgiving in this elegant festival of various MJ12-invented sports and turkey-neglected lands. Enjoy such sports as "Who Can Eat The Most EMP Grenades" and "Smash Bottles Over Ghandaiah's Head." Have you exploded yet? Why not?
  • Got Ghand 13: Mutant Thing
    What a better time to celebrate Halloween than five days after? Ghandaiah spooks the place up with his disgusting, repulsive mutant pal, "Sunshine."
  • Got Ghand 12: Bob Saget
    Ghand discusses HIS plans for if there ever were a Deus Ex movie, compared to Kaigen's suggestions. And Bob Saget is in it! Sweem!
  • Got Ghand 11: He's dead, Jim.
    Within the divine walls of the column before thee thou shalt find the secrets of ages. Thou shalt find how thine pancakes relate to thine pants. Thou shalt find the truths behind the llama. And finally, thou shalt find chocolate pudding. Make haste! I challenge thee!
  • Got Ghand 10: Captain Red
    Ghand interviews the winner of the contest, plays around with pocket lint, and pistol duels at midnight, all in one exciting-- ...Ugh, who the hell am I kidding, it's just a damn article. Read it.
  • Got Ghand 09: Steve
    Marking the end of the Got Ghand contest, Ghandaiah answers some more letters, gets some new tech monkeys, and has emotional problems with a zombie drummer, all in one extra-long episode of Got Ghand.
  • Got Ghand 08: Lemon Drink
    The launch of the official Got Ghand contest, and an interview with the man himself. The man himself!
  • Got Ghand 07: Cardboard Box
    Sometimes, you grow emotional attachments to cardboard boxes. And sometimes, you eat the wrong mushrooms. This... is one of those times.
  • Got Ghand 06: Bake Sale
    Watch as Ghand pays tribute to Space Goast, wears a dress, and incinerates horribly. Fire! Fire!
  • Got Ghand 05: Lint, Beware!
    The mystery roommate is revealed in Ghandaiah's new shocking display of action, drama, and twelve-fingered people.
  • Got Ghand 04: Life Inside a Balaclava
    Puppies, rats, Spawn, and the "Cheese-Cam"... among other things. See what Ghand's up to now with Instructor T and his etiquette lessons.
  • Got Ghand: The Third Revelation
    Ghandaiah opens up the mailbag, discusses news of a new roommate, and gets... etiquette lessons?
  • Got Ghand: Episode Two
    How Ghandaiah ended up where he is in the first place. A bit of drama, a bit of dancing, some Preperation H, and a certain special guest...
  • Got Ghand: Installment #1
    Watch new Staff Writer Ghandaiah wrangle both humor AND UnrealEd to bring you his story about infiltrating PlanetDeusEx. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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