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Want to rock out with some custom DXMP maps? Well then this is the place for you. We've got'cher maps here.

Note that there are two sections below... one for maps we've tested to make sure that they work with whatever the newest version of Deus Ex is, and then a section for maps we haven't tested. Play the second group at your own risk. Thanks go out to the studly Slicer from Deus Ex Assassins for the majority of the information on this page. Be sure to visit both Deus Ex Assassins and Deus Ex Ed for up-to-the-minute coverage of all the latest DXMP files.


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DXMP_ Ambrosia Mine
- download {466.2 KB} -
Author: Dave "Bloodbrada" Faris
Description: A small map, looks cool! Good fun but rather small. Resembles a UT map! Playable for about 8 players.
- download {174.8 KB} -
Author: Roland "Fenix"/"Cyan" Terry
Description: A strange map! Although a decent idea, the use of fog is too dense, with visibility at a few metres! Hard to play on map, and quite big, causing a lot of confusion.
DXMP Area 51 Tunnels Beta
- download {991.7 KB} -
Author: Not Known
Description: Similar to the original Area 51 Bunker map, but with a chopper and a submarine added on the map with underground water as well. Not much difference though.
DXMP Arena
- download {775.4 KB} -
Author: Jamie "Beast" Frisco
Description: Fun, battling map for those who enjoy fighting with swords. Cool gladiator-style game play!
DXMP Atlantis
- download {485.5 KB} - review {3/5} -
Author: Elric "MadHatter" Thornwood
Description: A converted map based on Paris Catacombs. You spend more time swimming and looking for rebreathers on this map rather than killing the enemies! Not as fun as anticipated due to lack of weapons and movement.
DXMP Atlantis 2
  download {511 KB} - review {3.5/5} -
Author: Elric "MadHatter" Thornwood
Description: Same as Atlantis 2 with a few changes a colour is blue instead of green!
DXMP Basketball
- download {116 KB} -
Author: + si
Description: A bloodless game of DXMP Basketball, and a good geek introduction to sportsmanship! :)
DXMP Count Castle
- download {437.9 KB} - review {2/5} -
Author: Tony Counts
Description: A good design for a small map, playable for about 6 players max. The addition of MJ12 troops does spoil a few things. Also, a few bugs in map.
DXMP Dockside
- download {333.7 KB} -
Author: Cathal "Stone" Smyth
Description: One of the first DXMP maps. Quick, design, and not very active as a map! Suitable for a quick game as there are limited weapons and space.
DXMP Gravel Pit
- download {341.3 KB} -
Author: Gregory "Big" Wurm
Description: Big map with very basic designs. Biggy weapons can be found everywhere! Looks bleak as a map overall.
DXMP Gray Vessel
- download {153.7 KB} -
Author: Aunt Betty
Description: Large, dark map, with a bright centre. Aliens in the middle can kill you due to radiation! Very big, but empty.
DXMP Hangar Storage
- download {980.4 KB} -
Author: Steve "Face"
Description: A nicely converted map from the Airfield in DX. A lot of care taken to remove odd bits and add the necessary stuff for DXMPing. Fun, with lots of precautions required to be taken when entering the area with those big blocks.
DXMP Hells Kitchen
- download {918.9 KB} -
Author: Jamie "Beast" Frisco
Description: A converted map from Hells Kitchen, as the title states already! Overall, it is nicely made, but for those who uses speed aug and enjoys jumping on roofs, be warned that you are likely to fall. Building height measurements are badly calculated! *SPLAT*
DXMP Hotel
- download {1.3 MB} -
Author: Thomas "Boaz" Mikkelsen
Description: One of the first custom DXMP maps. Nice big map, but lacks attention to detail on the exterior and interior! Some parts are nicely laid out, such as the restaurant! Bug problem with the lift, which gets stuck often!
DXMP House Arrest
- download {2.74 MB} -
Author: Colin "OldGrandad" Threlfall
Description: A map that changes the original DXMP atmosphere, the usual tensed and dark game now turns to a more relaxing and exploring game. This map brings the joy of chilling out rather than shooting at each other, turning enemies to allies! A great map, but don't explore too much... you never know what could happen. Lots of fun in this carefully designed map with custom music, the first DXMP map to have this,  and texture to suit your needs.
DXMP Hydro
- download {870 KB} - review {3/5} -
Author: SirSmokes & MrNiceGuy
Description: Big map, has some nice areas for fighting, but a bit messy here and there! Recommendable, but not as good as anticipated.
DXMP Liberty Island
- download {1.8 MB} -
Author: Pope
Description: Another converted map! Not a lot of changes made to the first round of DX. For those not bored of the first round, play this map!
- download {1.6 MB} -
Author: Roland "Fenix"/"Cyan" Terry
Description: A cool map! Low gravity makes the map interesting! The lifts are amazing as well!
DXMP Mcramos
- download {385.7 KB} -
Author: Edwin "[NSF]playerbigdick" Ramos
Description: Big map with a skywalk and towers. The map has a repetition on each side, making it a bit boring.
DXMP Morbias
- download {89.8 KB} -
Author: Martin "Neo" Endres
Description: A converted UT map! Small and fun, but lack of weapons and no lift to get to top section. Good conversion.
DXMP Morbias]I[
- download {89.8 KB} -
Author: Tony Russel
Description: Conversion of an Unreal map, better then the other one.
DXMP Motor Inn
- download {828.8 KB} -
Author: Mike "DerianX" Rafuse
Description: Small map, suitable for 6 players max. Nice bits and pieces but not very playable.
- download {211.3 KB} -
Author: Luminous Path (Andrew Seel/Bob White)
Description: The bar in Hells Kitchen. Small, weapons, etc... all placed in one area, making enemies fight like hell to get hold of it! Badly designed, but is playable.
DXMP NYC Streets
- download {779.4 KB} - review {3/5} -
Author: El Kabong
Description: The latest in the DXMP maps, another conversion, similar to Hells Kitchen, but with a different design! A scary, dark underground is the perfect place for fighting those without cloak or vision aug. and only uses light! Good design from the conversion!
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- download {371 KB} -
Author: [SOL]BillWang
Description: 4 buildings, a big bridge in the middle crossing over a bridge. All the turrets are called Autoturrets cause the author forgot to put something in. One of the buildings also has a wrong staircase as it's too big to walk up, so you have to jump.
- download {371 KB} -
Author: BloodBrada
Description: A basketball game, complete with an in-game scoreboard. Go, J.C. Jordan! Rah, rah, etc.
- download {466.2 KB} -
Author: Geist
Description: No description yet. Untested.....
- download {466.2 KB} -
Author: Jamie "Beast" Frisco
Description: A small map, very small map, perfect for a simple game of 6 players or 8 max. Although small, it is nicely designed with lots of careful details and placement of items and spawnpoints. Be prepared for close combat!
Fight Club Team Extreme
- download {482 KB} -
Author: BloodBrada
Description: An Unusual Map. Players gather on their respected teams side: NSF or UNATCO. When they are ready, they press the button to lower glass barriers and blast away at their oppenents. The winner at the end of the match then opens doors to the observation deck, for the players to do it all over again.
DXMP Majestic 12 HQ
- download {1.76 MB} -
Author: Ben "Minectro"
Description: No description yet. Untested.....
DXMP Marina
- download {433 KB} -
Author: Joseph "[NSF]Blackarcher" Cormack
Description: Rather small map based on a water front hotel good close quarters fighting
with some nice sniping spots.
- download {142 KB} -
Author: Alvin Dewart
Description: A Big Maze that is suited for people up to 16 players.
- download {627 KB} -
Author: [BK]Maledicus
Description: Long name: Military Complex Isle. This is version 0.95 of the map, so changes may be made. It is an outdoor map with high buildings and tunnels that connect some buildings.
- download {54 KB} -
Author: Codeman3
Description: No description yet. Untested.....

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