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You play as Alex D. in a gameworld 15-20 years after the first game (Around 2070 A.D.) Alex grew up in Chicago and is training at the Tarsus Academy there. Tarsus is a new organization that apparently has powerful enemies, as the first event in the game is a terrorist attack on the Academy. The nanite detonator used in the terrorist attack completely destroys Chicago, forcing the survivors (including Alex) to flee to the Seattle headquarters. As if that wasnít enough, the headquarters are attacked soon thereafter.

In the midst of this turmoil, itís your job to figure out who to trust by uncovering their secrets. Factions include the aforementioned Tarsus Academy as well as these:

The Order
A unified world religion. Headed by the shadowy "Her Holiness," the Order can be seen as a disjointed mish-mash of every religion known to man, or a bunch of low-life terrorist tree-huggers, or an inspired amalgamation that brings true balance to one's soul. It largely depends on who you're talking to.

World Trade Organization
A global trade syndicate run by Chad Dumier, formerly of the terrorist group, Silhouette.

The Omar
A secret network of merchants seeking to make a hefty profit on illegal goods such as blackmarket biomods. Although they aren't necessarily interested in politics, they are still a force that must be taken into consideration when making decisions.

Bet you thought Manderley killed them all and stole their gold. Well, theyíre back! And they have a real grudge against biomods.

You will find out that these factions are founded on what took place in DX. In IW, factions are always vying for your loyalty. At first, itís only two factions, and then more start taking an interest in you. Each faction has a parallel goal in each mission, and often you will have to choose which goal to complete to show loyalty to one and only one faction. Unlike in the first game, you have complete control over which faction you fight for and what you do. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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