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Means of Mass Destruction

Not much is known about weapons at this time, but you can expect some of Deus Exís arsenal to be included along with a variety of awesome new weapons. Many of the weapons will have an alternate fire this time around. For example, the shotgun can fire a smoke grenade, and the SMG can fire a flame dart. Of course, youíll still have your basic pistol. However, this time around the pistol and most weapons can be modified to act differently. No longer do weapon mods add 2.59% damage or X notches of accuracy. Now the mods completely change how the weapon works. For instance, the accuracy mod has been replaced with a tracking computer. This mod allows the bullet to home in on the targeted enemy. Even more awesome is the glass destabilization mod that allows you to quietly melt glass without setting off alarms. A visual effect I wouldn't mind seeing a few times!

Itís been a long time since the first game, so a lot of weapons are seeing some nifty upgrades. Not only are they being redone visually, but from a code standpoint with the inclusion of new features.

Some BioMods like the skullgun act as weapons. Guns that have been seen include pistols, shotguns, billyclubs, assault rifles, frag grenades, and EMP grenades. New in IW is the Turret Launcher. You can now deploy your own turrets to secure areas. The developers have also revealed a railgun called the MagRail that can shoot through walls. Of course, you canít accurately shoot things behind the walls unless your vision is augmented...

It seems that a proximity mine has replaced the LAM. Not only can you place it on a proximity trigger like in DX, but you can also set it on a timer. Hmm...Iím seeing ďMineClimbĒ on the horizon! | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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